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1+2=3 Pandas?

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All you need to do is pick and tap on a right answer. Panda is about to show you one table with numbers and three answers to choose, playing puzzle games online. Now it is your turn to do sums and react quickly! Add and subtract to choose a right value, if you miss - panda starts to weep bitterly. Don't let it feel distressed and always give a right answer in puzzle games online!   Train both your mental math skills and reaction! In the brain teaser 1+2=3 pandas? you get a unique chance to check if you are quick enough to count the value of the mathematical example till you have time. Do your best to cope with the most possible examples and get high scores. Keep in mind - if you are out of time, you are to start from the very beginning. Combine use and pleasure in the game 1+2=3 pandas? and have fun!

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