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About Bartender

Bartender is a game that assists bartenders in proportionally mixing cocktails.

Choose from a variety of liquors on the shelf, such as vodka, whiskey, and vermouth, and combine them to make a delicious drink for a fun night out. To make a drink more appealing, add ice or lemon, but be careful—making the wrong drink or mixing the wrong amount could have disastrous results! No bartending school is necessary!

You must first add to the spirit of your choice. Kahula, vermouth, or even tequila can be your preferred liquors. Then, add supplemental juices like orange, lemon, and cranberry.

Would you like to add ice to cool your beverage or perhaps a lemon to give it a little sourness? Shake your beverage before giving Miguel a serving. Will he enjoy your cocktail or will it hasten his death? Can you mix the appropriate ingredients and deliver the ideal beverage?

How to play

Click left to choose things. 
To pour and shake, left-click and hold.

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