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Castle Wars: Middle Ages

About Castle Wars: Middle Ages

A two-player game called Castle Wars: Middle Ages takes place during the Middle Ages and features castle-based combat. 
continues with the latest installment of The Middle Ages!

You may test out medieval weapons and gear in the latest episode. The same two game types and fresh themes are waiting for you as in the previous game.
Catapults are no longer available; you have cannons. Much more potent and lethal are cannons. The game also has new armor, swords, and fire arrows. Wings are the most intriguing equipment! You can slowly drop from above if you can obtain a wing boost. 

How to play

Jump: W for Blue Player 
Block creation: SH E (hold to throw the weapon) 
Alternate weaponry: Q 
Use the arrow keys to move the red player left and right. 
To jump, use the up arrow key. 
Block creation: down arrow key 
Use the spacebar (hold to throw the weapon) 
M as a backup weapon 

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