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Crazy Bike Racer

About Crazy Bike Racer

We've included all of the thrills, chuckles, and heart-pounding action that can come from the simple set of tires in this game for your enjoyment. Once you've experienced the great racing experience and are visually stunning, you won't be able to put your phone down. You can play the game from the perspective of your racer for a more realistic experience, or you can use the different camera angles to improve your control over the competitors.
Motorcycles that have been realistically modeled We've modeled sixteen different motorbikes for your convenience, each down to the slightest detail. When entering a race, pick one, increase its performance, and tinker with its design. There are four unique zones as well as a vicious gang. boss rules each. You may look forward to tens of various sorts of racing, each taking place during a distinct season and in an incredible setting.
You'll need to show that you're the greatest racer by beating the other four leaders.
Each is controlled by the boss. You may expect dozens of different types of racing, each taking place during a different season and in spectacular surroundings. You must defeat the other four leaders to prove that you are the best racer.



How to play

"WASD" - Drive "Space" - Bracket "Nitro" - Shift

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