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Extreme Cycling

About Extreme Cycling

Extreme Cycling is a game that immerses you in mountainous terrain, rivers, the sea, and even sand races. Take in stunning views of dozens of locations, ranging from snow-capped peaks to sunny and windy deserts.

Assassinate your adversaries by colliding with them and carefully avoiding all obstacles.

It only takes a few minutes to become acquainted with this world. A game for adventure enthusiasts

When the signal to begin is given, it is time for you to sprint forward and claim the championship.

An arrow will indicate your travel route above you. There will be obstacles and pedals along your path. You must maneuver the bike deftly around all the obstacles and jump off the skateboard.

You must practice effectively reacting to the unexpected.

Controls: Use your mouse to move, steer, brake, and accelerate your bike.

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