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About Kugeln.io

A 2D multiplayer shooter io game with power-ups is called Kugeln.io. On various maps with up to eight players, you must battle to the death. 
You will be a beautiful country ball when playing Kugeln.io. To win battles and get as many lives as you can, you must strive to use your weapons as expertly as you can.
a number of water balloons with attachments to be used in a 2D side-scrolling view
You can choose between the death match, team combat, and capture the flag game modes in this one. 
Moreover, you have access to a wide variety of playable weapons. 

How to play

AD or the left or right arrow keys to move

To jump, press W, the up arrow, or space.

Click the left mouse button to fire.

Use the right mouse button to use the chart.

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