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Ninja Clash Heroes

About Ninja Clash Heroes

A 3D shooter with a Japanese ninja theme is called Ninja Clash Heroes. You can pick from a broad variety of heroes in Clash 3D to engage in combat! 
This time, you can navigate the level maps' entertaining Japanese-themed theme and command the ninja characters. Gather stars, advance your character's level, and get daily gifts. 
The four playable ninja characters are a wise Buddhist monk, a Geisha sharpshooter, and a ninja scout. Each superhero has their own special gear, including skates.

Through the persona of Fortune Cat, in "Capture The Flag" mode.

How to play

Click the left mouse button to fire. 
To use the weapon's range, press the right mouse button. 
Arr, keys or WASD to move. 
To leap and throw grenades, press the space bar.

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