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Ragdoll Gangs

About Ragdoll Gangs

A 2-player ragdoll physics game is called Ragdoll Gangs. The 6 different venues are dependent on how well you do in Adventure mode.
The Ragdoll characters in the video game Ragdoll Gangs start the gang war! There are two distinct game modes in the game: adventure mode and arena mode.
Six levels are played in the adventure mode. These levels feature a variety of situations, including fighting or hurling the opposition from a height during a battle, among others.
You have the option of playing the game solo or with a friend in the arena gaming mode. You battle a CPU character in single-player game mode, and this battle is somewhat challenging. You can compete against a friend on your local computer in two-player gaming mode. The first player with three goals wins the match!


How to play

Player 1 is in charge

Move with WASD

To punch, V

B to strike

Right Shift to Run

C to engage

Playing with Player 2

Move with the arrow keys

I must punch

P to strike

Run with the right shift

I will converse

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