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Rude Races

About Rude Races

Rude Races is a quick-paced, intuitive, and always hard bike racing game that takes inspiration from Road Rash.

However, in addition to the standard race, you also have to combat your opponents and defeat them. You can swing your weapons. Complete every quest that is offered for a perfect score. Gather your weapons and engage Rude Races in combat.

This is the best option for you if the game's rules annoy you. It's not necessary to be fast to win.
You can change your ATV and battle fiercely because there are several ATVs with modifiable body components.

How to play

A or left arrow key and D or right arrow key are used to move. Equals right movement

Rotating weapons = space

L-Shift rotation = 360

To use the power-up button, left-click it.

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