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Zombie Sniper

About Zombie Sniper

In the Zombie Sniper game, you'll enter the world of snipers and undead. Here you'll find a plethora of 3D sniper guns as well as several varieties of zombies.

In this sniper game, you will become a sniper and protect others who are completing objectives.

The scavenger squad has returned, but they are being pursued by a swarm of zombies. You must kill them and ensure the safety of our colleagues.

Zombie Sniper is an offline game that can be played on any platform, including smartphones, tablets, IOS, Android, and more.

Every day, you can try out a new sniper weapon and perform different assignments. See how you use that strong weaponry to dispatch the undead. Quest rewards are given out daily.

Aim and fire at the correct target.

Complete and conquer all of the game's levels.

Games that are easy to play

The graphics in the game are stunning.

How to play

Use a mouse

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